About Us

Food Rescue of Northwest Michigan is the area’s mobile food rescue organization.

With our own refrigerated trucks along with our trained and dedicated drivers and volunteers to coordinate the effort, we make scheduled pick-ups and deliveries from food donor to recipient locations throughout the Five County area.


Every financial contributor—from young students collecting coins in their classroom to major corporate and foundation funders — wants to be sure that their donation is making a difference.

Currently, based on our efficient operating model, for every dollar donated, we are able to provide 5 meals.


Pounds Rescued/Delivered as of October 2015

MTD     89,419  41 Tons
YTD     1,181,270  536 Tons

According to the FDA, one pound of food equates to one nutritious meal!

Last year, we rescued over 1.3 MILLION pounds of food, and put it on the tables of our hungry northern Michigan neighbors. Thank you to all of our partners and donors for their continued support.

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